Régis Jean-Pierre Boudinot
Denver, CO

I am a Frontend Engineer and I enjoy:

ES6, Node, React, Vue.js, Angular, Rust, Ruby, Rails, and OpenSource.



Here you can take a look at my virtual resume, what skills are most endorsed, and how many connections I have.

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I post inspirational messages for entreprenuers and tweet about #tech news. I also have a solid following!

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I post instructional videos here via desktop recordings. I go step by step and explain what I am doing.

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This is an IoT project. I have 4 Arduino Yuns, a Raspberry Pi, a Rails app, and a NodeJS server all talking to eachother. I also use the GitHub, Slack, and Arduino Yun SerialPort API's.

Here is a blog post covering the concepts: Blog Post

Here are the GitHub repo's:
Rails app
Hardware scripts

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This was our first Module 3 project where we had to work on another teams previous codebase (Earmarked) and improve the functionality.

Multitenancy, hard coded authorization, Stripe, Twillio, and hand rolled 2 Factor Authentication.

Have fun paying with Stripe!

Here is the Github Repo

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Production Server Scripts in Python (rbenv, ruby, rails, nodejs, postgres) and Ruby scripts for Rails/PG production Setup

This is an OpenSource tool for Devs and DevOps Engineers! Includes a link to a Docker repo I made with a Dockerfile that is fully automated.

Works for Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian and OSX.

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Took a week-end to explore the fs module in NodeJS.
Wrote my own npm package. Made a database geared for IoT! Event based, key value store on the file system.
Basic server side db in js for node developers.

Video on how to use selfup-rejs: Video Link

Blog Post: Link to Blog.

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